1. To whom do you extend your cattail practice?

    ○ Situate yourself in the land you are in. Think about your political, cultural, economic and inherited locations.

    ○ Make a list of beings (human and other-than-human) or communities you would like to extend your gifts.

    ○ Learn about them, contact them, ask them how you can support them.

    ○ Make a list of offerings. These can be, ideas, skills, financial wealth, care, food and anything you are in the capacity of gifting.

2. See yourself changing. Recognize you don’t own, but merely borrow the control to shape your becoming.

    ○ Gather with your people, let each bring one guest.

    ○ Start the gathering by reading this poem by Chrystos

    ○ Write down on a surface the last words of the poem: “When my hands are empty I will be full”

    ○ Offer seven gifts

      ■ one made with your hands

      ■ one made with your breath

      ■ one made in silence

      ■ one made from hope

      ■ one make from anger

      ■ one made from sacrifice

      ■ one made in the future